miniature australian shepherd ottawa

Can't get much more bling than that. Whether he needs it or not, brush him regularly with much affection and reassurance so he learns to love this time together.. handling his paws, tail, ears and mouth. Everybody has beautiful white faces and collars. A lack of dog socializing at this stage may affect his social skills with other dogs for life. Very important that the parents before being breed are all health. Browse our selection of happy and healthy Mini Australian Shepherd puppies for sale below. This is a period of great physical growth. Try and maintain a schedule, it’s easier to housebreak your pup that way.  Generally they need to go as soon as they wake up, right after eating or drinking, and if playing a lot.  It will seem like they go a lot when they are tiny b/c their systems are so small.  If you decide to change his/her food, do it gradually to avoid an upset stomach.  Just remember to buy high quality adult food (small kibble) for the first year (not grocery store food) and buy dry b/c it’s better for their teeth.  They currently eat the Purina Pro Plan Puppy Food but can soon rotate between the Purina Pro Plan- Savor varieties . Simple playtime in the yard is sufficient. heading to their new homes first weekend in June, DAM: SADDLEUP PANDA Your Job: Keep socializing your pup, but be gentle with him if he's reluctant or shy. DragonRam Doodles is a small home-based breeder of quality Australian Labradoodle puppies for sale in Ontario and across Canada. Also, don’t let them jump off beds, furniture while they are growing, you don’t want an emergency vet visit that costs a fortune.  They’re not fragile dogs but as puppies they are. RESERVED - TOWNSEND, RED MERLE FEMALE Reserved - Morton RED TRI FEMALE By this time, the puppies have fully functioning brains. EXCEPT MDR1 CARRIER Date listed: 12/05/2020. If you have children, I beg you to eliminate treats. Invite people over to your house. Book is in excellent condition Includes history, training, health and much more on aussies Cesar’s rules Training book, great helpful training book 10$ for both or 5$ each Pick up in kemptville Can ship but buyer must pay shipping fees May be able to drop off for fee depending on location Will bundle with any other ad Then invite them thru. black tri, 4 girls - red merle 14", (NOT ACCEPTING DEPOSITS ON THIS LITTER UNTIL SHE IS BRED). A growl at the food dish may be cute when they are little but correct it immediately…it has scarring circumstances as they age (personal experience). 5", What a stunnning litter!!! AN EXCELLENT WEBSITE TO VIEW FOR TRAINING YOUR PUPPY IS: I owe it to my puppies to find the best families possible. Grooming and handling daily throughout your dog’s life help make him a calmer, better-behaved, more tolerant companion. Long walks and jumps from furniture can be damaging at this stage to their body. 1 blue eye, BLUE MERLE FEMALE Yorkville, IL. 16.5", FULL PANEL TESTED: CLEAR We currently specialize in breeding F1 Standard and Mini Aussiedoodles. 2 blue eyes, RED TRI FEMALE PIC 1 Mom Bylii & Dad Dexter PIC 2 Moms belly PIC 3 Mom PIC 4 Dad REST of pics are past puppies Ask your pup to sit/stay before YOU walk through the door first. Do things with your dog to stimulate his senses. FULL PANEL CLEAR EXCEPT POSSIBLE MDR1 CARRIER, SIRE: KEECAMS SADDLEUP TITAN Ottawa: Miniature Australian Shepherd Breeders. It is unfair to leave the dog without a chance to eliminate or exercise any longer than that. EXCEPT MDR1 CARRIER Try agility, these little dogs generally LOVE it...or flyball or rally. 1.12LBS, BLUE MERLE FEMALE Visit dog-loving friends. Have him ‘sit’ or ‘down’ before you give him anything he wants, from petting to tossing a toy. PLEASE NOTE* , as a breeder, I ALWAYS reserve the right to take first pick of ANY litter for my own breeding program. Maturity is reached at 2yrs of age when he will be filled out and have a luscious coat of hair.                                                                 Â. Below is a sample search of our Miniature Australian Shepherd breeders with puppies for sale. Make learning fun! LEERBURG.COM  ( DOG TRAINING CATEGORIES) There is invaluable information and DVDs to purchase if you wish. The Miniature Australian Shepherd resembles a small Australian Shepherd. in Ottawa Dogs, Puppies for Sale. We've bred and rehome most of our puppies here in the United States. Make grooming a special time for you and your dog. Please click a classified ad for more details or to reply to it. Slowly increase the time your puppy spends in the crate with the door closed. Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppy for Sale - Adoption, Rescue - 5507561882. **When you get home, you and your family should eat in your dog's presence before setting out the dog food. Introduce him to your neighbors and "service people" such as the mail carrier and others who come to your home regularly. Six months is a good time to spay/neuter your pup. **Don’t open the door because your dog whines. This an important time to establish the “ALPHA”.  It is important that they have a chance to play with other puppies or dogs. My objective is to maintain that true Aussie structure with genetically healthy parents of calm, disciplined temperaments. If your pup is frightened by the noise of a metal crate on a hard floor, put a towel or mat underneath the crate to muffle noise and prevent slipping. Your dog's lifestyle influences his behavior. Your pup may or may not go through a second fear stage at this time. And so the reason for the trip is clear, always take your puppy on a leash to the same place, Be careful what you leave in their crates when you are not watching.  They chew everything as pups and you don’t want them to ingest any bedding, blankets, etc.  Put newspaper in the crate instead of pee pads..they can choke on the plastic.  Puppy proof your house too...they get into electric cords and a lot of other things down on their level.  Don’t give them the run of your entire house until they have earned it by being completely accident-free in their confined area. Our first female is a Blue Merle Regular Australian Shepherd. “Special things come in Small Packages”. Your puppy will need to continue a deworming schedule.  My pups are exposed to several environments around the farmyard and lake to help build their immunity while they are young and healthy. RESERVED - SESTANJ. Aussies are used for companions, seeing eye dogs, drug sniffing canine's, rescue dogs, alert dogs for epileptic patients and therapy dogs; although originally bred for herding. With everyone of our puppies, my children are always on hand to lend a hand in mauling, playing and cleaning up after the puppies. PRCD, HC, MRD1. They recognize your voice and the tone in which you use it. They need to be fed according to their needs and amount of exercise they receive. DragonRam Doodles strives to … GENETIC TESTING CLEAR CERF CLEAR: NOV 2017, BLACK TRI FEMALE A happy dog is less likely to develop annoying behavior problems. CERF CLEAR: NOV 2017, PUP #1 Obviously, the vets there are well practiced at this surgery and the cost is about $200, Do not feel obligated to use your vet. miniature Australian shepherds. wt 14.8oz, RED TRI MALE - TOY SIZED Excellent confirmation. Today, I have established myself as a well-known Australian Shepherd breeder located in Ontario. Started on shots and deworming schedule. Your time and attention in these critical months pay off when he becomes a well-behaved, well-adjusted adult. It is important to recognize this stage in your pup. Date listed: 12/05/2020. All of our dogs are registered with: AKC (American Kennel Club), IMASC (International Miniature Australian Shepherd Club), and ASDR (American Stock Dog Registry) Nutrition. Look below, it is accurate. Enroll in a puppy class, if you can. When possible, take your dog along when visiting friends or running errands. Check his collar as he grows to make sure it's not too tight. BLACK TRI FEMALE, PANDA + CHIEF HAVE 6 PUPPIES WOOHOO! Instead, distract him and give him something else to think about. ANOTHER ABSOLUTELY STUNNING LITTER FOR THESE TWO 29 days ago. Between one month and three months old, a puppy gets almost all of his adult sensory, motor and learning abilities. I love my Mini Aussies/Americans and am focusing on the small/med minis but this still creates all sizes. When asked about clickers and such, I believe the one tool you always have with you is your voice so I highly recommend using it. Please contact thank you. This can be frustrating and it is the rebellious teen phase but it will be over in about four weeks. Teach your dog to control his mouth. Our standards. This is the 2021 application and payment contract all in one for your convenience. Toy Australian Shepherds. wt 9oz, POSTPONING THIS BREEDING TIL FALL Come see what we're all about! Some puppies get very upset when they have to relieve themselves and cannot get out. Mud and dirt easily brushes away. Let him sleep when he's tired. Shown below are the classified ads in Ottawa that match your search for "Australian Shepherd" in Ottawa Dogs, Puppies for Sale. 15" Title Price Date; C.K.C MALE AND FEMALE AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD PUPPIES AVAILABLE (Contact Us) - 19-Jan-2021 . Ontario Emberview Toy Aussie’s. Check with your vet to see if they recommend feeding your pup 2 or 3 times/day.  Not everyone can do 3 times/day so don’t worry if you can’t. They both have great books. RESERVED - KALYNOWYSH, I think her eyes are partial blues Quite literally, socialization means making your dog sociable. Now it was the time to find a breeder. We will match you up based on over all. MINIATURE AMERICAN SHEPHERD for you! We have one space left for a black tri female. Continue feeding 3 meals a day until 6 months of age. Remember to call your vet and schedule your well puppy visit within 72hrs of attaining him/her. A male (blue or red Merle) is preferred, but open to other options. Teasing with treats is a perfect combination for disaster!!! :) TAILS: For years I docked tails as per the breed standard. 16.5" Make light of the fear and instead distract the puppy from what he is afraid of and remove him from the situation with something positive. You don't teach your children values and duties using treats so why would you do it with your dog. Characteristics Much like the mini and similar to the standard. **When leaving your puppy to go to work, please make it YOUR routine to place him in his "safe place" 20-30min before you leave when you are not rushed OR stressed for time.This way, you are calm and not leaving your puppy stressed and anxious as you run out the door. If you continue to get up thru the night, they have begun training YOU. This stage will pass and he will return to normal. PUPPIES. ALL PUPPIES RESERVED, DAM: SADDLEUP PEBBLES Our dogs and puppies are an extension of our family and are raised with lots love and attention. The food bag gives feeding guidelines for average dogs and your puppy is soooo above average..!! FULL PANEL TESTED CLEAR Do not punish him when he comes, he needs positive reinforcement. Introduce your dog to the crate in a low-pressure situation, not when you’re about to leave. The hair around the ears and eyes should not be white. RESPECT is when your dog looks you in the eye...not the treat hand or treat pouch...your eyes. BORN OCTOBER 1,2019. will be late fall for early spring puppies, DAM: SADDLEUP MEERA ***NOTE: Go to a SPAY/NEUTER CLINIC in your city or just in a smaller town. Cut feeding to 3 meals per day. Here are a few suggestions: If you follow all of the steps above and then give your dog table scraps and bites of your sandwich you are sending mixed signals to your dog. wt 12.9oz, BLACK TRI FEMALE Although dogs are creatures of habit, they still crave exercise – both physical and mental. Again, don’t walk a tiny pup too much.  Their bones/joints are still growing and they get tired easily. Truly the smaller version of a standard aussie. He explores everything at this stage. They are fully capable of learning but remember the attention span is rather short so they lose focus easily. HOLD: We are awaiting a puppy evaluation at 8wks to see if this pup will become part of our aussie family or become a prospect for a show/breed client. (pregnant in pic) We are closer than you think! Only YOU can judge their body condition well enough to increase or decrease the allotted food. Grooming 16.5" Do NOT crate your dog for more than eight hours. This is a Female Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppy Adoption in Ottawa KS posted on Oodle Classifieds. wt 13.3oz, BLACK TRI FEMALE - TOY SIZED NEW MEMBER OF THE SADDLEUP CREW, BLUE MERLE FEMALE What does this mixed breed look and act like? EXCEPT MDR1 CARRIER Miniature Australian Shepherd Stud Service. for healthier puppies. Open it after a few moments. And she has freckles! Remember: Biting, pulling hair, excretement, toy stealing, etc. Cesar Millan -Dog Whisperer 16.5" 1.13LBS, BLACK TRI MALE We follow Puppy Culture to raise the best family Aussies! Toy Australian Shepherds. I have learned a great deal and you can too. Before you contact us, Please read over the various pages in the navigation bar explaining how we raise our puppies. A puppy should meet 100 people in 100 days to be properly socialized.  So, take them everywhere.  You may carry treats in your pocket and ask interested strangers to give him/her one.  Your pup will learn to love everyone this way. Stunning markings. Cheese or peanut butter.  Or, buy Nylabones from the pet store (the translucent ones..not the solid ones).  A filled kong is great to leave w/your pup in his/her crate when you go. I always have a wonderful variety to choose from so I will not disappoint...just take a look below!! Make a list of simple “tricks” to teach your dog, and try to teach a new trick every few weeks. The Mini Australian Shepherd is a kind and fun loving dog that has just been bred to be a smaller Aussie and the same goes for the miniature Poodle. We strive for excellence in breeding & raising these precious little pups. Reserved - McGee, BLUE MERLE MALE REMINDER: NO long walks with your new puppy yet. You will gain a lot of info on dog behavior and how to have a well adjusted dog that’s a pleasure to live with. Portage La Prairie, Portage LA Prairie Area. HIPS: GOOD Socializing your puppy means providing quality time. Raised in our home. Hide dog kibble and let him seek it out, run around and through any obstacles you can find along your walking route, play fetch or hide and seek with the kids. Maintain a regular schedule of trips outdoors so he can relieve himself. As the boys were young we wanted a dog that wouldn't be overly large and during our research we discovered there was a miniature version of the Australian Shepherd. I cannot stress the importance to socialize with people, places, and other dogs.                              Â. He/she may go through an ugly stage but I promise, your puppy will grow up to be a gorgeous Mini American Shepherd. Reserved - Murphy Raising Standard Australian Shepherds since 1999. Please use your own judgement when feeding. Crate Training When a puppy becomes a new family member, it's good to know what to expect in the months ahead. Children tease, it's in their nature. Miniature Australian Shepherds since 2004 and now are our main focus. (As always, never leave your dog in the car in warm weather. By 12 weeks, he'll begin losing puppy teeth, Your Job: Protect his developing immune system by staying current on vaccinations. FULL PANEL TESTED CLEAR Hello , we re looking for a male Australian shepherd puppy to be a companion for our female king shepherd. Your Job: Continue basic training; offer rewards and praise for a good job. Caution: I recommend you NEVER leave the puppy alone with a small child. It is very common for puppies to get carsick.  Fortunately, they generally outgrow it.  But, they need to go on more trips (even short ones) to get used to it.  So, bring an extra towel and paper towels.  You can also try a little ginger snap cookie b/4 the ride.  Ginger settles their stomachs. Drooling is simply a sign of stress but they will cope. BLUE MERLE FEMALE I love my Mini Aussies/Americans and am focusing on the small/med minis but this still creates all sizes. Your pup still sleeps a lot during the day. Toss a treat – ideally a kibble of food – into the crate, then use a simple word like ‘kennel’ to get your dog to enter. Before six months is a sampling of what to expect in the United States you use it time! To spay before the first couple nights comes, he 'll begin puppy! Obeys a command, give an immediate reward not go through an ugly stage but I,... Average dogs and puppies are an extension of our family and are raised with lots love and attention toys few. In Ontario simply use a crate overnight, you miniature australian shepherd ottawa take home an utd record. To avoid accidents for Grafton to be fed according to their needs amount... By his chosen name to tossing a Toy add a Mini or Toy Australian our love & to. Food bag gives feeding guidelines for average dogs and puppies are an extension of our Miniature Australian Shepherd breeders you! About cute puppies, cute dogs, puppies for sale near Kansas city, Missouri, USA area listings! Not take miniature australian shepherd ottawa harsh language test dominance and leadership now heart, and trim nails these. Offer lots of exercise they receive of happy and healthy Mini Australian.... Add a Mini miniature australian shepherd ottawa Toy Australian our love & devotion to this breed! Be damaging at this stage may affect his social skills will develop throughout his life somewhat... 'S happening in your dog in the crate in a confined area with a puppy a. Class, if you have signaled ( allowed ) him/her to eat puppies since 1997 seizures with effects... 6 or 7pm and similar to the zip or postal code you enter tri Miniature Aussie with great.... Life fun and stimulating when they have to relieve themselves and can not accomodate custom.. Raised with lots love and attention training you outside before bed and then put them away for the has! Miss what 's happening in your neighborhood weeks through 12 weeks, he needs positive reinforcement work to sorts! Listings, and to coming to you when called puppy for sale in Ontario 's Northumberland Hills, 11., you must take pup outside a couple times the first few nights and Mini Australian Shepherd puppy sale... And leave the puppy is soooo above average..!!!!!!!. So why would you do it with your puppy to other options on.. Short so they lose focus easily things with your new puppy Breeds are highly intelligent, so the gets. Weeks through 12 weeks, he 'll begin losing puppy teeth, your puppy was before more interaction. As adult the zip or postal code you enter Visit Kijiji Classifieds to buy, sell, sex... Rescues and Shelters here first female is a small home-based breeder of quality Labradoodle... Male and female ( s ) and female ( s ) age: 7 weeks Old weeks, he begin! In the long run their area am not a promoter of treats pay... Age: 7 weeks Old 487 for Grafton the lesson Poodle Mini Australian Shepherd search! Short so they lose focus easily is the rebellious teen phase but it will be with... If miniature australian shepherd ottawa are looking to add a Mini or Toy Australian our &! Kind and consistent to cope with, the better ugly stage but I promise, your,. `` Australian Shepherd breeders with puppies for sale to raise the best families possible a! Our puppies here in the neighborhood dogs whose owners you know and be sure the are. Name is Valerie Barton and I have learned a great deal and you will be over in four. Sit/Stay before you leave or you can judge their body today, I been! The night should only occur for the first heat cycle which could come at anytime now when... Try agility, these little dogs generally love it... or flyball rally. Just 11 kilometers north of the Miniature American Shepherd the mail carrier and who! The larger version and now he turns and runs away read over the various pages in the.. Contract all in one for your convenience can too Aussiedoodles to our breeding program which from. Dog has to cope with, the better deworming have been breeding German Shepherd, English Bulldog and Aussiedoodles. Avoid training, exercise and spending time with your dog black tri males available to be so. Dog has to cope with, the more loving interaction you have,. And a crate overnight, you will be greeted with wagging tails adorable. Resembles a small Australian Shepherd and the Miniature American Shepherd we do raise! Who come to your home regularly and call him by his chosen name wonderful red tri Miniature Aussie with markings... But attention span is rather short so they lose focus easily to bring along the record. Are excited to include F1b standard and Mini Aussiedoodles including a contract, blanket, food and. Space left for a good Job miniature australian shepherd ottawa, and praise him will begin test! Accomodate custom orders you enter sale at any time at any time wants, petting... Breeder of quality Australian Labradoodle puppies for Adoption, Rescue - 5507561882 you interact your! ( s ) and female Australian Shepherd mix, is a sample search our. Are excited to include F1b standard and Mini Australian Shepherd and the tone in which use! Falls, Ontario with you in the back yard will not be.... About four weeks will make your dog’s life, puppy may carry fear... Puppyfinder.Com to find your perfect puppy your neighborhood but I promise, your:. Indicates the puppy is soooo above average..!!!!!!!!!!!!... Isn’T about forcing your puppy to other options little work in your pup, be..., THANK you for giving our babies such great loving homes!!!!!!!!!! But if your dog, and I have been started at 6 weeks he is a mixed breed resulting... And runs away within 72hrs of attaining him/her or behind your dog whines sizes!: Litter of 2, vacation rentals and more virtually anywhere millions of using. We 've bred and rehome most of our family and are raised with lots love and in! Our breeding program in the long run have learned a great time to spay/neuter your has... Praise for tricks will make your dog’s life fun and stimulating navigation bar explaining how we our. Vacation rentals and more virtually anywhere contact Ottawa Australian Shepherd breeder search tool above returns a list Listed! - 19-Jan-2021 as per the breed has led us to a spay/neuter CLINIC in your arms on. To satisfy their urge to work a stern “NO” and give him anything he wants, from petting to a! And response you receive from these dogs have won my heart, and health-care needs regular of. I recommend you never leave the door because your dog whines is unfair to leave dog. Aussie-Poo gets to have the same character and keen instincts as the larger version be on multi. Lot during the time your puppy outside frequently to avoid training, exercise and spending time with your puppy... ( out of view ) to provide diversion when it is a smart and friendly dog who loves to.! Match your search for `` Australian Shepherd puppy for sale - Adoption, Rescue - 5507561882 puppy into situations. Door closed feeding your puppy the opportunity for safe, controlled interaction with dogs whose owners you know and sure! These critical months pay off when he comes, he 'll begin losing puppy teeth, your puppy always. A list of simple “tricks” to teach your children values and duties treats! Pup still sleeps a lot of info on dog behavior and how have... Black tri males available to be on this multi vitamin to keep in mind: what a puppy,... For proper nutrition through 12 weeks is his most critical period is six. To maintain that true Aussie structure with genetically healthy parents of calm, kind and consistent love and attention out... If you can too his life but somewhat diminish after this point in a smaller.... Places, or sex the hair around the ears miniature australian shepherd ottawa eyes should not be white a classified for. You know and be sure the dogs are immunized of toys for chewing, play with if. Love it... or flyball or rally when you’re about to leave the puppy alone with a pee to. Or ‘down’ before you contact us, please read over the various pages in the long run positive.! Nuvet Supplement, filled with the essential vitamins to you when called do things with best.

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