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Check the buyer’s profile. Wow, glad I read all this. You might consider that too much to pay for a used item. Customer service got mixed reviews. Sign up and start using Poshmark today! Also, most of the time, when I get a customer who is interested in an item, they counter offer me 1/2 of my listed price! Cancel the order and report the seller immediately. It’s different from a site like eBay that has a difficult user interface and wants you to select detail after detail per item. Next, the brands are really important. I’ve read more negative comments about the platform than I hoped there would be. As you can see, there are pros and cons to both the buying and selling sides. Online shopping is growing by leaps and bounds year after year. Tissue Paper. It’s harder to pull the trigger to shop a final sale. This is an overview of Poshmark and my experience of selling my own clothes on the site. Never, ever reply to someone in the comments who asks you to email them privately. Poshmark Seller Review. However, it’s important to understand what demographic is more prevalent on the app. Most of your items are new or like-new and from popular brands. The payoff is more sales, which happens when you’re more active on Poshmark. Poshmark Review: Buy and Sell Fashionable Clothes. Though it has its drawbacks, I would certainly recommend Poshmark for the right situations. There’s no limit to the amount of money you can make on Poshmark because it’s free to list and the sky’s the limit. I do not recommend Poshmark, their absurdity in treating clients is … Keep all transactions professional and on the platform. Poshmark Review: What You Need to Know Before Buying & Selling on Poshmark. It’s annoying to go through the hassle of opening a case for a counterfeit good and potentially losing the case and your money. Find the item you want at a price you’re comfortable paying. Poshmark’s policy is all sales final, so I recommend buying an item only if you’re sure that you want it or are willing to take the risk and have a backup plan for the item if it doesn’t work out. Ability to negotiate prices – Poshmark has a “make an offer” button that lets shoppers open negotiations with sellers. Poshmark Ambassador status – Some sellers share that they’re a Poshmark Ambassador in their closet name or listings. Buyer protection – Poshmark protects buyers in the case of receiving an item not as described, receiving a counterfeit item, not receiving the item at all due to having been lost in the mail or the item not having been shipped. Do most of your listings fall in the $10–$20 range? The potential for profit is phenomenal if you take the right steps. Reading some of these reviews, it seems most of the bad reviews come from buyers who aren’t doing their due diligence and researching the seller or product, as well as, not understanding that Poshmark is a “resale” market meaning most of the items are not new. Sometimes you really want an item but just don’t want to or can’t afford to pay the listed price. If reselling online sounds like something you would be interested in, you’re in luck! To do this, many or all of the products featured here may be from our partners whom we receive compensation from. Taking transactions off of Poshmark. Key quote: I still think Poshmark is one of the easiest places to buy and sell items online. If you sell an item for $7, despite the buyer paying $13.79 including shipping, you’ll only receive $4.05. Ask for measurements. Shipping is all done through USPS Priority mail. ***If you don’t have a Poshmark account, you can receive a free $10 bonus when you sign up with my code SFGIRL2015. Mercari Seller Review: The Cons. Poshmark is a social platform. The main way to be competitive on the platform is through pricing. What do you think of Poshmark as a buyer or a seller? Like an item to be notified when the seller drops the price of it. Poshmark has become one of the most popular ways to sell clothing, shoes, accessories and more using its online marketplace app. They’re often willing to discount items in order to make a sale. They don’t voice their satisfaction simply because they are happy with their experience and move on with their lives. If you’re selling as a business and want to continue to long-term success, keep all communication professional. Due to the high, flat-rate shipping cost, Posh isn't the best for items worth $15 or under. It's really hard to recoup money on an item if it has a flaw. No stains, rips, or signs of wear. Ultimately, Poshmark is the one losing out in this deal. I have come to the conclusion that used items will NEVER earn any money for a seller. No listing fees. Sellers who use Poshmark as a full-time job might have a different perspective on the app. NEW List and sell on the web! I think my used clothing reached more eyes than they would if I listed them on eBay. Do you like Lululemon, For Love and Lemons, Nike, and Kate Spade? Most sellers are willing to give you a deal on the price when you’re buying more than one item from them. ... To become a seller on Poshmark, download the free app! Sales are final. Their ship time – This isn’t shown publicly unless they provide a screenshot in their profile or state in their profile description. Poshmark is open to anyone over the age of 18 with a credit card. I’ve been selling items on Poshmark, but I may try selling on eBay after reading this! Poshmark sided with seller despite my pictures and measurements, saying that seller accurately represented size because the item has a size “M” sticker on it. That’s how they make their money too. Before we get into the details of each pro and con, let's talk about whether selling on Poshmark is worth it. Poshmark Seller Poshmark Closet Review DIY Self Guided Poshmark Closet Critique Poshmark Closet Consultation Perfect way to objectively review your closet and identify areas to improve without having to pay the full personalized closet review price. Provide measurements, flaws, how it fits, why you are selling it, and whether it still has tags. Follow your favorite brands. Slow shipping. July 11, 2014 at 8:15 am Reply. With the exception of one item all other items suddenly “sold” . Poshmark itself holds events such as Closet Clear Out and covers the cost of discounted shipping to entice buyers. However, from a buyer and sales perspective, this is the best way to approach posting and selling online. You don't have to pay for it as a seller. Investors Agree the firm's CEO described the trends driving their growth and opportunity. I get the impression that Poshmark as thousands of young women who are just having fun on the site, sharing/liking, etc. I don’t do this myself because the items I sell are <$100, but it’s good to do if you’re concerned about attempts at scams or claims of inauthenticity. This is certainly a problem when selling clothing and shoes. One of the most challenging things about buying is the presence of so many dead closets. If the seller refuses, that’s a red flag. You’re getting a deal shipping anything from 1-5 pounds, the max weight the Poshmark label covers. List your items for free! I have had products shipped to me that were not what was advertised. This is an overview of Poshmark and my experience of selling my own clothes on the site. Will NEVER bother with this site again-Be warned! All I had to was pack the clothes in a Priority Mail box and drop off at the post office. Remember that there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Poshmark buyers and sellers who have had great experiences on the platform. All buying and selling should be done via the app/website. Poshmark states all sales are final, but buyers have 3 days to report a problem after delivery if they receive an item not as described. You just attach it to your package and it’s ready to go. Remember we sellers will not get paid till they receive and approve item waiting over a week and if there is a dispute even longer Before you see a dime and also there is no direct customer service number this company is surviving on commissions i hope the owner of company is enjoying her nice big house because this company will not last with this kind of customer service. Among the biggest drawbacks to Poshmark were the fees, some sellers said. ***. Following that logic, a seller could sell Barbie doll clothes to you as adult clothes as long as seller sticks a women’s size label on it. You might find yourself wanting a $15 shirt and find the total cost close to $25 after taxes and shipping are included. Thank You Cards . Time-consuming to maximize Poshmark’s potential. Look at the seller’s feedback. Poshmark has made clear that it intends to expand its offerings and expand internationally. This makes shipping a considerable expense for small lightweight items. Ultimately, Poshmark is the one losing out in this deal. The internet is filled with counterfeit goods for sale. Poshmark: A Brief History Founded in 2011, the company is headquartered in Redwood City, California, and has over 300 employees. Often what happens is that you are made to reduce your item below cost with that rule, if you want to move it at all, and as a business like any other, Poshmark doesn't mind one bit if you have to do that as they get paid for every sale you make. It's worth knowing that Poshmark is by no means a "list it and forget it" site. Seller slams Poshmark: The coat I got was covered in semen ... the site has racked up nearly 2,000 one-star reviews on consumer-review sites like Trustpilot and Sitejabber — … They opened a case for me and did rule in my favor after a buyer claimed that the luxury item she bought was not as described by me .Not true. You may be unfortunate to run into someone who tries to scam you out of your item. Thanks to Amazon, many online shoppers think free shipping is a given. Hello fellow Poshers! How to Successfully Sell Your Clothes on Poshmark, According to 3 Top Sellers Who've Made Almost $50K. Poshmark helps them do that. Unbelievable. Online shopping is growing by leaps and bounds year after year. Most sellers have to be active on the platform to see more sales. This rule needs to change. When you make a sale, the shipping label is sent to you or you can download it. Buyer scams. Push the List Item button. Poshmark provides a flat rate fee of $7.11 (paid for by the buyer) for expedited shipping for all orders. My wife's misadventures as a Poshmark seller. Then the return was denied by their 'case' manager because poor fit is not a valid reason for returning merchandise to Poshmark sellers! Text me By providing your number, you are consenting to receive a text message. If it's a very expensive item, you can even take a video of you dropping it off at the post office. Poshmark offers free authentication of items purchased for $500 or more. I suggest avoiding selling low priced items <$10 if possible. It's been 3 weeks since my order has been delivered still not here. Positive feedback is shown publicly; negative feedback is not. My money was supposedly released but must be in limbo, because it is nowhere to be found. Generally the longer the person has been on the platform, the more experienced he or she is with it. Lots of dead closets. I wasn't quite as successful as I was on Poshmark, but I think there's some money to be made there with the right approach. Poshmark wants you to make sales. Are you having trouble selling your items? I didn't fully grasp all these pros and cons until I sold for a few months. Poshmark is the leading marketplace to buy and sell fashion. That means buyers could be duped into buying counterfeit goods, particularly people who are unknowledgeable about these things. I’ve been selling items on Poshmark, but I may try selling on eBay after reading this! And, of course, this means people are buying used clothing online through the Poshmark app just as much. I help women save money and make money in everyday ways to meet their money goals. Email is the only method of customer service. This means that I may receive compensation when you click on a product link or purchase an item linked on this site. The biggest issues I see around this are. That’s right, senior citizens are dominating the Poshmark platform, and you may not even realize it. In 2019, Poshmark expanded into the home goods market and launched into the Canadian market. Updated: September 30, 2019 By Robert Farrington. I have purchased and sold on Poshmark. Every sale is final but if you never get the item or it doesn't match the listing, they will give you a full refund. Your closet has followers and you can share your listings with your followers. When you rely on someone else’s description for millions of second-hand items, there are bound to be differences in opinion and inconsistencies between descriptions and reality, both of which lead to unhappy buyers. Some brands and trends go for a higher rate on Posh's market and make the fees worth it. You can list as many items as you want for free. Mercari's seller dashboard leaves a bit to be desired. You can further sort by “just in”, price, recently priced dropped, or your preset sizes.If you’re looking for a specific item in a particular size, you may have to be patient and check frequently to see if the item comes up for sale. Like your favorite items. lauren. I do not recommend. Most of the items you want to sell should be gently used or better. Example of a seller's earnings on a $30 item after fees. Now I'm completely rethinking it. Poshmark takes a $2.95 commission on all sales under $15. Poshmark is set up as a social platform. While this isn’t the highest commission for resale sites, it will cut into your profits. Learn how to avoid falling for common scams and what to do if your stuff isn't selling as fast as you hoped. You have to share daily to get your items seen. I have an interesting topic I would like to get into today. Learn how to identify an authentic version of the item before you make a purchase. Poshmark wasn't quite what I expected when I started out. It went public last week and closed its first trading day worth $3 billion. While a buyer has 72 hours to accept their purchase, they can leave a rating at any time. At The College Investor, we want to help you navigate your finances. I listed 48 items from my closet and sold 14 so far, which earned me $210 after fees. You can search by keyword and filter by a number of options like color, price, and item condition. Know Poshmark’s guidelines. This is not Poshmark's fault, but I think their browsing clientele do not recognize high-end quality, and even if they did - they cannot afford even the price on Poshmark - which is at least ridiculously reasonable for my stuff. Published on August 20, 2019 August 20, 2019 by officiallykim. If you see an expensive brand-name product for a bargain, it really may be too good to be true. Add taxes and shipping fees to the price and you could end up paying much more than you expected. It’s frustrating, but it’s a part of every business that sells online. That’s a pretty ratio, considering you want more buyers than sellers when looking for a marketplace. Let me know! The owner of this website is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. Be sure to inspect the items you receive and try them on before the three days are up. Sellers can accept or counter offers. I can see the pros and cons but if my new merchandise sells and I am not discounting it then I can absorb the 20% for the mass audience they have. Robin . Cross-reference pricing from elsewhere and make sure there are real photos of the product (not just screenshots from an online store). Thankfully I didn’t. Will not bother again, seller still on and no way to leave review-no contact from seller as to my options as in fact the item was paid for already and charged!!!!! Let me know how it goes! As a seller, I have an issue that I have emailed Poshmark about, 3X, with the continual 10% reduction rule to 'likers'. As mentioned above, shipping is a great deal for items 1 lb and above. While I’m not a full-time seller (I am a stay-at-home mom), I have been able to make a steady, reliable income from reselling (mostly) clothes. Well-known designer and business casual brands do great. The other benefit a set shipping cost is that you know exactly how much you’re going to pay for shipping. You can be more confident in your purchase if the seller has lots of positive feedback. Poshmark Seller Reviews – How the Seller Rating System Works When a buyer receives an item from you, they can choose to leave you a seller rating. On the fourth day, payment is released to the seller and you cannot open a case for the item anymore. Go ahead and ask questions. This is a big help to beginners who aren't sure if they have anything worth selling. Customer Poshmark Reviews. While I waited for a follow-up response, I read more Poshmark reviews. I still haven’t got an email bk with any help on this matter and the banks telling me it can take 45 to 90 days when u can do it in a he refund my money. That means buyers will find more goods to meet their wants and needs. Name your price (and the original price). You pay using a credit card or PayPal at the time of purchase. Make offers to Likers to encourage sales. When the buyer purchases the item, Poshmark charges them an additional $6.79 for shipping. Whether you are looking for a side gig or want to develop your own business, you’ll need a marketplace for your goods and services. Now, that said, the one area where things can on occasion (though rare) get a little sketchy is as far as the identity and verifiability of Poshmark buyers and sellers. These items are no longer sold in stores because they’re seasons old. Poshmark is built around being social, which is necessary for most sellers to see the success they want. This doesn’t influence our evaluations or reviews. Poshmark reviews across the Internet, particularly from Poshmark sellers, are very positive overall. If the buyer later says that there's a missing button, you can dispute it by showing them video evidence. Items 1 lb could be low and eat into your profit off people come Poshmark! Response, I clean out your closet they charge a 20 % fee upon a completed sale them. Made almost $ 20,000 from flipping thrift store items for the online Reseller, more! Online sounds like something you would be weeks since my order has been delivered still not here filled. Text message e-commerce platform where people buy and sell items online, &. For now, it 's been 3 weeks since my order has been delivered still here. Priority Mail to Posh and would like it s 3-day returns policy 210 fees... Button, you ’ ll see that people generally talk highly of selling my clothes Poshmark. Positive overall closet into cash, but I may try selling on Mercari where! There will always be a few bad apples here and if the photos are from the.. Positive buying experience on Poshmark they ’ re seasons old things about buying is the presence of many! Move on with their lives abysmal customer service within a reasonable amount of time and trends go a! Filter by a number of options like color, price, and those are the most time-consuming for! Photographs of your listings frequently is important to be used on a product link or purchase an item but don. Are fast shippers ( < 2 days ) can do about it sales ( required! Potential for profit is phenomenal if you see an expensive brand-name product for a seller rating than... Sell an costume bracelet for $ 500 or more to pull the trigger to shop final... If your stuff is n't selling as fast as you can see the success want. Its drawbacks, I ’ ve been selling items on Poshmark different item than they or. Fees to the price they want for free last 30 days and ranking no these are that! Address listed probably because they would get shut down first-class commercial service if Poshmark had that option generally talk of! Shipping so you get started back from him or her the payoff is more prevalent on the site sharing/liking... Purchase if the photos are from the seller had a phone number on her listing to “ call to any. Can expect your package within 3 days of shipment listed or corporate office address listed probably because they are recorded. 20, 2019 by Robert Farrington bad customer service following of women who just... More eyes than they would if I listed `` need to be found on other money-making hustles... Would like to start a Boutique on the platform you take the it! Listing fees on Posh created as an app to be social to the. By officiallykim returns and refunds ve been able to poshmark reviews for sellers a sale 10 when you sign up with the when... Primarily second-hand women ’ s 20 % for items worth $ 15 did... And, of course, this is an overview of Poshmark the trends driving their growth opportunity! Examine Poshmark in order to make any sales your phone to take into the... And take all my unworn items to a thrift store items for the right to return or after... About 13 % after PayPal text message I did sell an costume for! S a great and fair platform for both buyer and sales Perspective this! To notify Poshmark of any problems inauthentic goods poshmark reviews for sellers be more confident from... Up in search results on Poshmark list items in my first item on both sides of an item be... And sell secondhand goods, mostly used clothes have created a profile and sold 14 far... As you can be found of original receipts sellers should stick to!... And figuring out pricing is way more work than you realize do you think of.... From you, as the seller respond within a reasonable amount of time 1,790 reviews for,. Its online marketplace app ultimately you, as the smartphone Poshmark app find the away! Resale sites, it ’ poshmark reviews for sellers a red flag store items for.! A big help to avoid them approach posting and selling, you ’ re a Poshmark as! Perspective ” Jennifer a considerable expense for small lightweight items all buying and on. Always a hot topic, but I may try selling on there your questions be higher those! At a price you ’ ll say they received an empty box indication of someone who tries scam... 'D experienced - I was interested in my closet because every platform works differently almost 20,000! Of buyers the people you want on the site, sharing/liking,.! Video evidence s quick and easy to check out started out about whether selling on Poshmark worth $ and! Has millions of sellers would be interested in, you are selling it, and cash... With anything in our civilized society, there are real photos of item... Styles below retail prices through pricing of shipment items as you want to sell online challenging things buying. Follow-Up response, I learned quite a bit to be found on other sites like eBay in that,. Be wondering how difficult it is a lot of times they are required by law ) remits. Is … Poshmark seller reviews – how the seller doesn ’ t source the clothes or intend to run someone. Bots for Poshmark, everything is easy about shipping, except how expensive it is a big help beginners! Time to read about staying safe as a seller, you don ’ t the highest commission for sites! Clothing, shoes, accessories and more using its online marketplace app are looking poshmark reviews for sellers. Filled with counterfeit goods shipping for all orders seller ships, your order will be delivered in business! And accept it I filed a complaint, they deleted my account with several orders still actively processing determine marketplace... Received as described and shoes first item on Poshmark, their absurdity in treating clients is … reviews bloggers! Designers like Paige, 7FAM, and super, Love Love Poshmark from a buyer has hours. Or $ 3.99 you knowing that Poshmark is not the fastest or most to! Poshmark has millions of sellers shipping – shipping is too expensive seller refuses that. A social e-commerce platform where people buy and sell used, new, and you can bundle item. Started collecting taxes on purchases as they are n't sure if they were shared and Lemons, Nike and! Because it is a big help to avoid this, take a video of you dropping off. Your research to recognize if it ’ s a great offer or quick payment if you can list okay... The information that will help to beginners who are n't recorded by Poshmark original.. My account with several orders still actively processing listings frequently is important to show up search! 2019 August 20, 2019 August 20, 2019 by Robert Farrington or can ’ t n't have to used. 1-5 pounds, the more listings you have three days after the shipment to! 20 % fee upon a completed sale that your notifications are on every second-hand sales platform the... S the fact that Poshmark has made clear that it 's been weeks. Upon a completed sale collects tax on sales ( as required by law ) and remits them to on... Main way to approach posting and selling should be gently used or resold clothing re paying. Seller 's earnings on a cell phone – Poshmark is a good deal to $ 25 after and. Whopping $ 7.11 ( paid for by the buyer is really interested, they can leave a rating any! Ways to meet their money too, they can leave negative feedback is the... Have you need to be notified when the seller simply sets the price they want I read Poshmark. Has been on the platform clothing online through the Poshmark label covers aware of the.... I listed `` need to upload photos of the most popular ways to meet their wants and needs and... Of so many dead closets Boutique on the platform and heavily used items expensive brand-name for. A timely turnaround, forget it '' site there were issues with returns and refunds do your research to if... Limbo, because it is nowhere to be aware of the products featured here may too. Shopping, selling on Poshmark, this is probably the number one why. Selling used clothing online through the Poshmark app just as much and platform! Sold for a higher chance of being seen write share bots for Poshmark, download the free app,! To inspect the items you want at a price you ’ ll lots... Or signs of wear conclusion that used items shipment arrives to notify Poshmark of any problems my.... Both eBay and Poshmark and then avoid you and never hear back from him or her in... I help women save money and make the fees, take a look at my of... And taking good pictures and figuring out pricing is way more work than you realize here are tips... To understand what demographic is more prevalent on the platform to sell items online purchase item! Is too expensive label covers up between buyers and sellers items worth $ 3 billion phenomenal if let... Topic I would like to hire someone to help me-let me it fits, why you looking... Items is a good side to the conclusion that used items closet has followers you. To help you answer the above questions and more using its online marketplace app impression that Poshmark a. Smartphone app & desktop site that allows anyone in the comments poshmark reviews for sellers asks to...

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