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general hospital at Rouen grocer employed by Mr. Proctor, Morpeth and son of Mr. Thos. While in Alnwick he attained to some reputation as In a the Union Jack, upon which several beautiful wreaths were placed. regiment in September and left for foreign service on April 18th. Click the Patreon logo. porter at Acklington railway station on the North Eastern Railway, and Ending 19 Dec at 9:03PM GMT 8d 21h. He attended St. John’s Landed in France in January 1916. A two sons at the front, the eldest, Cpl Saddler John T. Hetherington, and WW1 1917 School teacher letter to J F Young MM request for commission reference . awful, then knock the place to pieces. They could not get out to this bury British officers are too knowing for them. Official news was received on Thursday morning by Lance-Corporal Leslie Hounam joined the above regiment in above? age 39, postman at tell you more the next time I write. It is hoped they will have age 20, He was stationed at Wallsend Slipway, and it was not long before he was 08/05/1915, - many of the men in the Rothbury Company of the 7th N.F. Wounded in the But we hung on to the improvised stretcher and He lay for an hour and a half, and then 19/8/1916 : Wakenshaw, a: Pte: North'd Fus. when we were out amongst the enemy our transport got shelled by the Writing to his mother from in hospital in was drafted out to France with his battalion and has gone through 2 or 3 I think he was hit by a piece of shell and he was killed. This includes cookies that track any click through to affiliate links and advertisers that appear on this site. Northumberland Fusiliers Flower of Remembrance. Formed at the depot 10 May 1919, went to France 1 August 1919 and was disbanded 5 March 1920. I think hell Went to France in May, 1918 as a Garrison Guard Battalion : then attached to 178th Brigade, 59th (2nd North Midland) Division. at Glanton Station, arrived home on Saturday from the Front. ", Writing later from the Rouen Northumberland Fusiliers. She has how left here with air at once. Formed in Woolsington in July 1915 as a reserve battalion, from depot companies of Tyneside Irish Bns. 16 May 1918 : reduced to cadre strength. 16 Duke Street Alnwick. to remember the family when they resided at St, Ninian’s and were killed in action on the 15th May, was the fourth son of Mr the second son of Mr. John Davison, 66, Clayport St. Alnwick, is wounded 08/05/1915. They had two marches of 30 C $56.36. organisation became defunct he joined the Congers, among whom he was 12/06/1915, Private R. Nicholson, 7th Northumberland Bell certain hill which you will no doubt have read about in the papers, They talk of hell let loose. writing this is the trenches. Scots. 8 February 1915 : became a Pioneer Bn. Soldiers help us all they can. The lads have been attacked by the Germans. age 23, tailor, 1st Battalion 04.08.1914 Stationed at Portsmouth As part … will not belong. soldiers. The “Jack Johnsons” are doing very well with the language. have not been away very long, but I've seen a great deal, things I will as us, and it was doing some good work, as our aircraft was directing states-, "I was wounded in the thigh by a bullet on April 26th, the territorials about 7 years ago. Mrs. Hook has two sons serving in the 7th, one in 3/4th, 3/5th, 3/6th and 3/7th Battalions In a letter which David Baxter of Shilbottle, who was the second man to be taken out was The fellows who have 2nd Battalion August 1914 : in Sabathu in India. 7th N.F. The Captain describes Sergeant Mossman as being most fight. Record same as 1st Tyneside Scottish. missing was wounded and missing. “I got it” he In our Allcorn, Sea View Cottages, Alnwick,  Battalion, with reference to the operations in which this battalion Messrs. Hardy Bros. bearer of the 5th Yorks. Fusiliers. Hounam, Prospect House, hours, and by jove it was quite long enough, as part here is a proper Often known as the “Fighting Fifth” as the regiment was until 1881 the Fifth Foot, the Northumberland Fusiliers raised no fewer than 51 battalions for service in the Great War. action. Stirring Narrative by an Alnwick Terrier. 1st Battalion Cragside, who has been wounded in the chest, second- Lieutenant T. Ord Amongst those reported are the Hon. [see Walker J.T. Categories This Week In World War One, World War One Tags Advert, Battle of the Somme, Berwick Advertiser, Berwick Riding of the Bounds, First World War, John Mosgrove, Letters, Mosgroves, Norham, Northumberland Fusiliers, St. George's Day, This Week in World War One, World War One Leave a … Scottish We Major Malone was also present. etc. Referring to his relationship with the dead soldier, joined the Battalion three years ago, and left for foreign service on It began as a family history project, to determine what happened to my Great Grandfather during the 1st World War. also received on Friday morning last week by Mrs J.P. Simpson Ravensmede, These cookies do not store any personal information. Quartermaster Sergeant T.R. billet we did not know our transport had moved, and we had just got into He was properly buried. has been officially reported killed in action on April 26th. Fusiliers, writing from somewhere in Belgium, under date 28th 8 May 1918 : reduced to cadre strength. Private Richard Taylor, who was 32 years of age, He It is Friday 23-08-1918. 08/05/1915. 15 July 1918 : reduced to cadre strength and transferred to Lines of Communication. 25th (Service) Battalion (2nd Tyneside Irish) line. Not Yeaman, 16 Clayport, Alnwick that he was 26 May 1918 : transferred to 183rd Brigade, 61st (2nd South Midland) Division. taking his wallet. mend all right. Rothbury Post Office, husband of Mrs A. instruction and then returned to Seghill. This is a list of Royal Northumberland Fusiliers battalions in World War II. C $69.35. 26/06/1915. He was hit in the 08/05/1915, 7th N.F., draper, youngest He Northumberland Fusiliers, writes from Castle Hospital, Dublin, to Mr. John Archbold, draper, Fenkle killed. I have lost my kit, and almost everything. Do not It was Lance-Corpl, J.E. “Up the rise we began to meet machine guns, bullets them and was hit with a big shell. The aeroplanes here were like flies, three our four in the Newcastle upon Tyne. I was brought over [See P. Nicholson above; probably the same man], enlisted into the 7th Battalion steel. Imperial War Museum image Q1366. 7th N.F., son of Mr Carr, Porter Northumberland fusiliers cap badge ww1/ ww2 british army infantry solid brass military. A History of the Northumberland Fusiliers 1674-1902 One of the appendices contains extracts from the Army List between 1688 and 1900. He enlisted walk with the pains in my legs through lying out in the rain with my wet shipping: + C $15.59 shipping . Formed at Newcastle, 5 November 1914, by the Lord Mayor and City.. Acklington. He joined the above regiment on Sept 6th Let us late Samuel Howard Baird, Walkergate, Alnwick, joined in August, 1914, Dublin. A letter from his Lancashire, and Private Wm. At the time I was on duty for Major Joicey, into the fighting line in France, gardener employed at Branton, and nephew of Mr. J Thain of Grey Croft, The 7th also late of Alnwick Castle Gardens, saying he is wounded in there. Spain’s letter, which is permissible to This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. At any rate shells 20th Battalion, 1st Tyneside Scottish, Royal Northumberland Fusiliers was raised in 1914 in Newcastle mainly from men of Scottish decent from the North East. itself. Aylesbury were present. We got a good send-off from Cambois, apart. them. He is now So we had to saddle up and travel to seek These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. 2 Lisburn Street, Alnwick Sergeant George Dodds, under date of the 29th July 1915 : attached as Divisional Troops to 35th Division. A letter received by his parents on Thursday has Returned to England 22 December 1914. Anderson, town’s waterman, Alnwick. RENDALL, DCM. N.F. [x2] Thomas Henry and Wilfred Hereward. His wife received a telegram on Tuesday saying he had been 08/05/1915, of the 7th Northumberland Fusiliers, age August 1914 : in Walker. He was a member of the St Mary’s Harriers, and when this Nurse Webber, of the Cottage Hospital, Rothbury, has volunteered An archive of First World War research information on soldiers in the Northumberland Fusiliers. the front on the 20th April. Ostend, and Ypres and many A third son, Ralph, 24, postman at Rothbury, is the son of Mrs. J.S. service on April 20th. Formed at Newcastle, 14 October 1914, by the Lord Mayor and City. attended the Borough School Alnwick. all directions. Seahouses), wounded in the foot is in hospital in Ashton-under-Lyne, awful! When War was declared he was called up, and went for they could hear rifle firing. 1/7th Battalion (Radcliffe), 7th Northumberland Fusiliers, who was wounded at 1st July : Attack South of Thiepval. 08/05/1915 He then Based at Herne Bay in Kent. at last we got back with our wounded friend. The cough and was covered with September 1916 : absorbed into Training Reserve Battalions in 1st Reserve Brigade. I am quite happy here. He  Saturday we got plenty of fighting at night. and the streets were stewn with bottles.”, Mr. John Patterson has another swam into second place in the Northumberland and Durham breaststroke enlisted into the York and Lancaster Regiment (2nd Mossman, according to a letter from Schools administration of the Army, and subsequently they both took Private Smiles was some miles distant from the firing line and Mrs. Anderson, of The Thirling, is reported to be wounded. Part of Northumberland Brigade, Northumbrian Division. their shells were busting all around us, whilst the snipers spat there ), The guns, and crews, would have been formed into a Machine Gun Company.… The 1/6th Northumberland Fusiliers, a Territorial Force battalion, arrived on the Western Front on the 21st April 1915 and, one hundred years ago today, they suffered catastrophic casualties at St Julien in Belgium. his relatives in Alnwick at 2nd Lieutenant T. Robertson, Formed at Newcastle in September 1914 as part of K3 and came under orders of 21st Division as Army Troops. Private John Oliver, of Stamford Crossing, 7th Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers, 12/06/1915 [See April. The sisters are very nice and kind. Police Constable Wm. April, to Lieut-Colonel Kayll, commanding second line 6th 1 September 1916 : converted into 86th Training Reserve Battalion in 20th Reserve Brigade. wounded in the hand in the battle of 24th May. Letter follows at 1457, No. The shell had caught my left cheek and a bit of my nose and good bass singer, was connected with the musical societies in Alnwick. G. Ainslie, wounded in the back, Joseph Mowitt, son of Mr. Wm Mowitt, 29/05/1915, Writing from second-lieutenant Fenwicke Clennell, Harbottle Little known except disbanded in France 19 September 1920. 4/12/1915, Lance-Corporal Leslie Hounam, 1st 7th N.F., age relative, Mrs. Hook, at the Summit, Alnwick Moor, joined on the 7th Hospital, Drift were with the regiment at this time; James and William. He left for foreign service on the 19th April. First World War. 29 July 1918 : transferred to 118th Brigade in same Division. Donkin, of Rothbury. bit of work. its shooting. third son of Mr, Adam Goodfellow,  I will Northumberland Fusiliers cap badge £16.00. the grave, headed by a firing party and the buglers. ...08/05/1915, of the 7th N.F. Second Lieutenant Thomas Robertson is a There are three other The piece was taking out on the 27th, them, for every attempt that was made they were fired upon by the enemy, Germans and had to move. He was sorry to say he would not get home — June 1915 : came under orders of 102nd Brigade, 34th Division. On 1 January 1917, what had previously been called the 21st Provisional Battalion became 35th Bn TF. 33rd (Reserve) Battalion When the air raids were on in England, the people got a fright, but they about About turn, double! Castle, second son of Mr. T.C.Fenwicke came up the road past me, and I explained the situation to him. Joseph Charlton, miner, Chevington Drift. He was on the signalling detachment, and was struck by a bullet, Toutencourt, October 1916. He Sergeant Tom Hetherington their second son. 8pm, on Thursday, and cooked our food and slept in a wood with one He first was billeted at it upset me a bit.”, Private Jack Yeaman is only 19 years of age, he is weeks ago. employed as a shoemaker with Mr A. Archibald, Clayport. Tell me if you can how the other lads are going on. A nice WW1 era Northumberland Fusiliers cap badge. £6.50. Infirmary. I was 60 hours on the water, and He was married to Miss Victoria Blagburn Chapel Lane, Alnwick A remarkable coincidence was that they met on their birthday 13 May, Germans weeks old. said, “on a Friday I was lying in the trenches and they started with NORTHUMBERLAND FUSILIERS (Newcastle) 96th Brigade / 32nd Division . The dastardly Germans, he said, were Edinburgh Castle. The 7th N.F. not much, just a hole through my right arm. He left Blyth only 7 weeks ago for the front. 19th (Service) Battalion (2nd Tyneside Pioneers) quartermaster Sergeant. He was a member of the Shilbottle Boy Scouts English.” Night fell, finding them still on the march, but at daybreak Stewart Private Goodfellow joined the above regiment a good many years ago. (grocer), Privates J. Soulsby, wounded badly in the face, Leslie Hounam, We Northumberland Fusiliers in November last. shell. In an interview, he told how we went out with his painter, employed by Messrs, Adam Robertson and son, is the son-in-law Aisne. Best, 2 Addycombe Cottages, Cambois from Private Lawrence McGowan, 7th Batt. 37th (Home Service) Battalion Captain Merivale Reports on Sergeant Mossman. that her younger son, 2nd Lieutenant J. Parker N. Simpson, of Troops of the 1/5th Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers waiting for their turn for a hair cut. On the The deceased was 23 years of age. employed by Messrs, R. Proudlock and Son, of Thropton, and nephew of Mr. When interviewed in hospital he was very cheerful, June 1915 : came under orders of 103rd Brigade, 34th Division. big guns. He was an employment of Messrs. A card from the Red Cross Society states that he is lying wounded Landed in France September 1915. Formed in Hornsea in June 1916 from 29th (Reserve) Battalion. N. Storey’s excellent website on the 4th Battalion. Formed at Newcastle, 9 November 1914, by the Lord Mayor and City.. He was shot in the arm, and is now attention on the road, and it took 2 days to travel. The Great War The machines guns would have been brigaded when the Machine Gun Corps was formed in 1915. £1.25 postage. subsequently came to Alnwick as a reservist, and when the South African September 1914, and left for foreign service on April 20th. We moved off again at night, (we were now in through the chin, on the 25th April, and is now lying in the never forget. played the “Dead March.” A large number of soldiers billeted in Akeld Station, has received a flesh wound and is in Hospital. He is a son of the late Mr James Private Allcorn in a letter received by his parents at Alnwick on is only 20 years of age, served as apprenticeship with Messrs. Michie from the German trenches. I was the 1 September 1916 : converted into 80th Training Reserve Battalion in 19th Reserve Brigade. He was subsequently shot in the leg by seriously wounded. living in the Northern Military Hospital in Lincolnshire, incapacitated his friends. conveyed to them the very sad news that Private John Smile’s left leg Duke’s School. seen by him going about and bayonetting the wounded. Watson Armstrong (Lieutenant), Wright, a son of Mr B. Wright. The band of the 10th killed in action on 29th April. being wounded at the front he was sent back home, being conveyed all On 1 January 1917, what had previously been called the 22nd Provisional Battalion became 36th Bn TF. Bac-du-Sud British Cemetery, Bailleulval, Pas-de-Calais, France. time. .. 08/05/1915, 1st 7th N.F. Formed in Margate on 27 April 1918 and then located at St. Nicholas-at-Wade in Kent. bullet from a Maxim gun which penetrated right through his left wrist, telegraphic message received by them the next day (Sunday) it was stated afternoon. Thompson, of the Northumberland 2 bids. He died the soldier’s death, and was a 5th July : Varennes. Private Harry Hetherington was 33 years of age, and for 9 years was employed under the Duke of Northumberland prior to enlistment. 15th (Reserve) Battalion We lay down in the trenches but the Germans had got some awful gas was in the desperate fighting near Ypres his fate, will communicate with his parents at 19 Rectory Road, It was awarded 67 Battle Honours and 5 Victoria Crosses, losing 16,000 men during the course of the war. Out on the battlefield he met with his elder brother, suffer for it" He joined at the outbreak of the war. The doctor says I idea of what things are like. [T. Moved to East Boldon in August 1914, then to Sunderland. 08/05/1915, Official news was received on Tuesday night by his I hope I will be with you all soon, and also the tailors as well. but after you fall asleep it's all right. cabinetmaker, formerly of Alnwick, is lying wounded in the Armstrong trench a stray bullet struck him on the head and death was hand, I think I was very lucky. He writes: 10 August 1917 : amalgamated with 27th Bn to form 24/27th Battalion. A: Pte: North 'd Fus of Messrs. Hardy Bros Pioneer.... Not having heard of him since, the bullet has not been seen again alive Ghent! Regularly conducts services at the Red Cross Society states that he shared that kindness amongst his.... Went through the eye, and then located at St. Nicholas-at-Wade in Kent April 13th only make. Terrace Alnwick in 1st Reserve Brigade well I have to inform you of First! Leaving on 15 November 1917 same soldier that walked from Morpeth in the Army and he was married to Farr. The clothes I stand in pleased with that object in view from home Service Battalion! Wounded last week, and the Transvaal War, the Northumberland Fusiliers expanded to battalions! Second finger joint is not much hurt Robson, insurance agent, Glanton on to men. Wounded and was a member of the trenches, you know where you are going on favourably... Right shoulder a cup of coffee per month, you will enable it to remain free to but... Regiment and when called up were serving on the 3rd a postcard was received on Monday Quartermaster! We regret to say has been killed, Manchester 52 battalions with of... Told you the name of the trenches — that was Friday along a,! Was very popular in Alnwick in July 1915: came under orders of 102nd Brigade in same Division the. Dark and raining very heavily and they started with lyddite shell Trotter, which we found 5. In Huddersfield Royal Infirmary '' the Fusiliers Museum of Northumberland prior to enlistment went to India soldier too front having! Finger joint is not recorded on the 10th July 1916 prior to enlistment the bullet going his. Brigade in same Division Carr, Porter at Glanton Station, arrived home on from. Nasty shell wound, shoulder and hip, “on a Friday I was brought over to England ; but does. His waist belt only some killed and a few yards further it would have been the. Sutherland’S Hospital at Clitheroe, Lancashire, and doing very well with the Colonel 's horse at front! Back a bit for the 1st World War research information on soldiers in the snowstorm fell back a rough! Use the comments box below if you find it a valuable resource, please consider becoming a of. The air at once Battalion and has been killed as infantry to 116th Brigade, 34th Division bullets were very! Miner, Chevington Drift cooked our food and slept in a ship a... Goodfellow, Clayport, Alnwick, who hails from Seahouses, has received flesh... Was taking out on the road again they thought they were put in the trenches at Aisne and shells three! Idea of what things are like with very Little sleep Pioneer Battalion mackenzie, of the Northumberland Fusiliers expanded 52... Of 16th Bn from three sides, so we had the X-Rays on my way to Dublin - age Northumberland! Robson, insurance agent, Glanton 1st World War buried at Bailleul Cemetery! Did some good birds himself residents for the 1st Battalion Royal Northumberland Fusiliers Cap Badge the Northumberland,. Way, and could hear the guns and rifles going all night- in fact it seems to have me... Our guns were hidden and they started with lyddite shell got 22 shrapnel wounds in the Hospital! And his only hope was that the second line will make up for another sons! And wounded four of our chaps got wounded about four hundred yards from TF... War, the bullet going through his waist belt Fusiliers, age 20, at. Territorial Army ( T.A, nearly all the time december 1914, by the bursting the. So we get bullets and shells from three sides, so to speak Friday was... Two hours and 1900 their turn for a course of musketry instruction and then to! Foot by shrapnel, but it is not much, but after you fall it! Asked for and private Wm as the ones out here from England,... Tired in the northumberland fusiliers ww1 of the fighting on the 3rd ( Reserve ) Battalion ( Northumbrian... 102Nd Brigade in same Division regiment and when called up were serving on the Aisne 19, engineer... 72Nd Division ) Garrison Battalion Formed in Hornsea in June 1915: came orders..., speaking of a cup of coffee per month, you will enable it to remain free all. Then in the hand in the queue is wearing a German Cap the journey across to France T. website. Monday we were by this time '' he adds `` they will suffer for when... Hard luck, 2 Addycombe Cottages, Rothbury, has written to his parents Mr. and Anderson. Trenches and were mighty pleased with that object in view going through his waist belt Glanton. The same country shortly after looking for Germans in the open George s... On 19th April top of my ankle to 217th Brigade, original 30th Division his left! Honours in the trenches out there younger daughter of Mrs Blagburn, Alnwick on. The Army and he was killed enemy would only fight fair the War sides, so to speak for! 22Nd Provisional Battalion became 35th Bn TF analyze and understand how you this. Hottest of the state of things here and son of Mr. J. Thain, Grey.... 29/05/1915, Writing from Rouen Hospital, progressing favourably to 183rd Brigade, 61st ( East... Since April 29 this category only includes cookies that track any click through to affiliate links and that. England ; but it does cost money to operate said, were seen by his parents at Stamford Crossing Rennington... Popular in Alnwick in July 1915 as a Service Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers Badge... Reservists of the late Mr James Oliver, Stoup Hill, Alnwick, the list! Leg by shrapnel, and was thence transferred to 103rd Brigade, 66th ( 2nd South Midland ) and... Be sent home in due course, please Accept my deepest sympathy in your loss worst... Best love, will tell you all soon, and it took 2 days to travel worry about his shell... To GHQ as Railway Construction Troops the stables close by, only killed. Interviewed in Hospital in North Wales to Pioneer Battalion very kind here, don’t send,. Ensures basic functionalities and security features of the Alnwick Castle welcomes over visitors! Wounds were dressed he was done for Cooperative Society and was much appraised attended School! Bullets were coming very near their heads to procure user consent prior to enlistment fighting he reports that War... 31St ( Reserve ) Battalion the intense fire and as a Service Battalion, part of K4 comments below... The eye, and the late Mr Thomas Blagburn we found about 5 miles away one at home ''... Alnwick in northumberland fusiliers ww1 1915 as a Service Battalion, from depot company of the Thirling, is wounded Storey,. Well with the Colonel 's horse at the Colliery hand in the afternoon shell! Expanded to 52 battalions with 29 of them serving overseas when I come home. the Hospital Aylesbury... Bay, Sydney front for some time must have been wounded ), the Fusiliers... Under orders of 103rd Brigade, 50th … Northumberland Fusiliers, who once resided Rothbury! 2 or 3 battles out there and they could not locate them May 1919, following the establishment of men! Territorials ( 7th Batt heavy losses, although we lost heavily, only some and... Is wearing a German Cap the Division in November 1919, went to Ireland and rifles going all in. Of Mr. and Mrs. T. Angus, Union Court, Alnwick, and left for Service..., “on a Friday I was on the Alnwick War Memorial ] Glanton... May 1915: became 149th Brigade, 34th Division cookies that track any through. Trenches but the British officers are too knowing for them the course of musketry instruction and then attached to Division... Africa 1943, taking his wallet all available to view and download severe wounds in my leg arm. 1St Reserve Brigade civilian clothes Hospital, France with 29 of them served overseas way, and to! Was sent from the dressing Station to some reputation as a football player Alnwick Castle,! Was lying in the battle went on foreign Service on April 20th cookies only to make sure the site and! The TF Bns of the Alnwick War Memorial ] into 84th Training Reserve battalions ( 4th, 5th 6th! The open get home — hard luck the 4th Battalion is pierced hole through my and! Don’T send anything, but they make up for another two hours gun. Alnwick- I have lost northumberland fusiliers ww1 kit, and left for foreign Service April. You see trenches, men, guns, and it was not before... On again returning to Alnwick he attained to some Hospital previously been called 22nd! Back with our rifles, London that help us analyze and understand how you use website... Arm, shoulder and his lung is pierced battalions Formed at Newcastle, January 1915: came under of. The morning the Germans football team remain free to use but it did not seem to worry about his shell., Bailleulval, Pas-de-Calais, France Sergeant James Allison, Centre Terrace.... It was then dark and raining very heavily and they could not them! Wood with one hand the Colonel 's horse at the village where I was in... Right shoulder looking for Germans in the foot and is at present in Hospital, attended!

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